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Paying Attention

I've read so many "to the working mom" articles and blogs. So many. Every time I cry. Real talk here! I always had a working mom growing up, but she was a teacher and had the holidays and summers with us. My husband is a teacher now, and so let's just say, I am jealous. I wish I could have that time with my family. So much.  But because of my experience, all I could ever see myself doing was being a working mom. In fact, confession, I have been judgmental of SAHMs before (as they have probably been judgmental of me, too). "Why won't they downsize or only drive one vehicle or be minimalists or homeschool so that she can stay home? Staying home is so much better for the kids. Why would you want someone else raising your kids?" "Why won't she go work? Her family needs the extra income, and she just sits at home doing nothing!" Sometimes I even think we cannot ever fully understand one another or coexist, which is obviously not true. 

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